5kg Whakatōhea Mussels

5kg Whakatōhea Mussels


From our place to your plate - bursting with flavour!


5kg of whole, raw mussels. 

Our Mussels

Whakatōhea Mussels are grown in one of the world's most untouched and pristine ocean environments.

New Zealand's Eastern Bay of Plenty is renown for its isolated coastlines, clear blue waters, and sunny climate. Our mussels are grown in the deep, nutrient rich, open waters surrounding this coastline, creating a culinary experience like no other.

Whakatōhea Mussels add colour, flavour, and visual appeal to any plate. You can enjoy baked, barbequed, steamed, smoked, or fried. This is an incredibly versatile cuisine with all the added nutritional benefits.

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  • Refrigerate in an open container and cover with a damp cloth. Live mussels need to breathe so don’t store them in a plastic bag or immersed in water.

  • Use within 24 hours of delivery. 


  • Inspect each mussel before consuming. Discard any cracked, broken or open shells. If in doubt, follow your nose.

  • Rinse, scrub and pull out the beard from each mussel (you can skip this step if you’re not planning to eat the broth). 

  • This product is intended to be cooked before consumption.

Nutritional Information

Serving size 85gm

Unit of Measure:

Average per Serving: Average Per 100g:


363 427

87 102


12.5 14.7
Fat, total g 2.1 2.5
- Saturated Fats g 0.5 0.6
- Trans Fats g 0 0
Carbohydrate g 4.3 5.1
Sugars g 0.9 1
- Added sugars g 0 0
Sodium mg 468 550
Iodine μg 119 140
Salts g 1.2 1.4
Cholesterol mg 43 51
Fibre g 0 0
Vitamin A μg 77 90
Vitamin B12 μg 5 6
Vitamin C μg 0 0
Vitamin D μg 1.3 1.5
Calcium mg 77 91
Iron mg 3.5 4.1
Potassium mg 170 200
Selenium μg 60 70
Zinc mg 1.4



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